Arab Poultry & Cattle Equipment Company(APCECO)




Established in 1992 and commercial production commenced in 2005. It is located in al-Fujairah area, UAE.

Objectives and Products:


The company aims to produce and assembly different components of poultry and cattle farms.

Capital and shareholders:


Authorized and fully paid capital is UAE Dirhams 50 million. Shareholders are:

  • Fujairah Government                                42.22%.

  • AAAID                                                     27.44%.

  • Arab Co for Livestock Development            21.11%.

  • Qatar Islamic Bank                                   05.00%.

  • Arab Co for Poultry Production, Fujairah     04.23%.


  1. possession of modern technologies.

  2. Availability of wide market for company products.

  3. Enjoys good reputation in the local market.

Contact Address:


P.O.Box: 1051
Tel: 00971-9-22331111
Fax: 00971-9-2231958