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Location : Republic of Tunisia

Sector : Agricultural Processing Sector

Sub-Sector : Vegetable Oil


Established in 1995 in Agarib area 25 km South of Sfax town, South of Tunis the Capital, and commercial production started in 1997.

Objectives and Production:
  • The company is aiming to extract oil from olive residues, production of soap and refined vegetables oils. 
  • The designed capacity:  pressing and refining about 60 thousand tons of olive residues.
Capital and Shareholders:

Authorized and fully paid capital is Tunisian Dinars 7 million and shareholders are:

Contact Address:

Agro Zitex Company
B.O. Box 3030-57
Industrial area –Agarip Sfax- Republic Of Tunis
Tel: +216-74-271024-643600
Fax: +216-74-643 601
Email Address: agro@groupe-zitex.com.tn