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Aquaculture Project - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Project Objectives

  1. Production of 5,000 Tons of Fish (Grouper, Sea bream, Barramundi) per year.
  2. Contribution in the reduction of fish gap and achieving self-sufficiency in Kingdom Saudi Arabia.
  3. Increase the productivity in highly controlled environment over the year.

Project Rationale

  1. Project goes in line with the Saudi National Strategy for the Development of the Aquaculture Sector until 2029.
  2. The Aquaculture sector is new and promoting sector in Kingdom Saudi Arabia.
  3. The Aquaculture sector is preserving fish resources and ecosystem in Kingdom Saudi Arabia.
  4. High purchasing power in Kingdom Saudi Arabia.

Project Components

  1. Brood stock Unit,
  2. Hatchery Unit,
  3. On Growing Farm unit,
  4. Grading and Processing Unit,
  5. Water treatment unit,
  6. Services Buildings,
  7. Utilities ( Air, Lab, Etc…)

Project Current Status

Ongoing communications between AAAID and Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture and private sector to select project’s location, in addition to proposing the appropriate project production system.