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Arab Company for Agricultural Production and Processing

Arab Company for Agricultural Production and Processing

Location : Republic of Sudan

Sector : Agricultural Production Sector

Sub-Sector : Crop and Vegetables Production


Established in 1987 as a result of mergers of companies ( Milk, Agricultural Production and Poultry), later Poultry and Agricultural Production units separated and Strach and Glucose companies became independent companies.

Objectives and Production:
  • Starches and Glucose unit: 

Produces  mainly starches and glucose derived from maize, and  feed as secondary product,  with a daily production capacity of 33 tonnes/Starch  and 66 tonnes/Glucose.

  • Dairy Production Unit :

Processing, producing and marketing of pasteurized and sterilized dairy products and yoghurt  with a design capacity  of 80 tonnes/day.

Capital and Shareholders:

Authorized and paid up capital is SDG 74,000 at that time and shareholders are: