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Arab Iraqi Dairy Production Company

Arab Iraqi Dairy Production Company

Location : Republic of Iraq

Sector : Animal Production Sector

Sub-Sector : Dairy Production


Established in 1986, 75 km South East of Baghdad in an area of 2,250 Hectares in the town of Kaseeba, Suwaira Province. Its production activity commenced in 1987.

Objectives and Production:

The company primary activity is milk production at a capacity of 50 ton/day, secondary activities include calves fattening, fodder and vegetable production.

Capital and Shareholders:

Authorized and paid up capital is IQD 11.4 Million and shareholders are:

Contact Address:

P.O. Box 10073
Karradah- Republic of Iraq
Telephone: 5376966-1-00964
Fax: 00964-1- 5375374