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Dairy Collection and Processing Project – Islamic Republic of Mauritania


Project Objectives

  • Establishment of a Dairy processing plant for the production of high-quality UHT and pasteurized milk, yoghurt and butter, in accordance with international standards.
  • Milk Collection and processing using refrigerated storage and transport technologies.
  • Improve the livelihood of small farmers/herders and encourage them to increase production.

Project Rationale

  • Unutilized surplus of fresh milk produced and improper use of hygienic methods in the milk produced.
  • Obsolescence of most of dairy plants in Mauritania with limited production capacities.
  • Interest of the Mauritanian government and supports for the development of the dairy industry.
  • High level of Imports of Dairy products in Mauritania.

Project location

The project is proposed to be located 12 km far from Nouakchott. Dairy collection centers will be located in Rosso and Aleg, 200 km and 250 km respectively far from the dairy plant in Nouakchott.

Project Capacity

The estimated project production capacity is 10,000 tons per year.

Project Components

  • Two milk collection centers, with the capacity of 15,000 liters/day.
  • Sterilization line (UHT line).
  • Pasteurization and tetra-pack packaging line.
  • Yoghurt processing line.
  • Butter production and processing line.

Project Current Status

AAAID is looking for interested and experienced investors (form the private sectors) to update the feasibility studies and to implement the project.