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Dairy Production Project – State of Kuwait


Project Objectives

  • Establishment of a dairy processing plant and dairy farm unit to supply the plant with milk. It is expected also to collect additional raw milk from other dairy farms.

Project Rationale

  • Reduce milk products gap and to achieve self-sufficiency in dairy products in Kuwait.
  • Limited dairy processing plants in numbers and capacities.
  • Availability of existing infrastructure and logistics services that enables establishing this project.
  • The Government supports for livestock production by providing some incentives.

Project Capacity

  • The estimated project capacity is 100 tons / day of UHT and pasteurized milk, cream and yoghurt.

Investment Cost

The Investment cost is expected to be KWD 12.8 million (USD 44.8 million).

Potential Shareholders

  • AAAID.
  • Gulf Investment Corporation.
  • Rawabi Holding Co.
  • Others.

Project Current Status

  • Communications between AAAID and Government to obtain project’s land is on-going and a consultancy firms have been consulted to prepare the project’s feasibility Study.
  • AAAID is looking for interested and experienced investors (form the private sector) to prepare the feasibility studies and to implement the project.