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Development Programs

Since 2006 several numbers of developments programs have been implemented in Yemen, Mauritania, Comoro Islands , in addition to the development projects to support the Palestinian people as illustrated in the following table:-



Activity start date



1 Mauritania 2006
  1. Urgent Assistance Program (I & II).
  2. Basic Development Needs program (BDN).
  1. 205 HH benefitted from the program through the creation of income-generating activities.
  2. Beneficiaries were 41 women associations consisting of approximately 2000 women
2 Comoro Islands 2006
  1. Urgent Assistance Program.
  2. Agricultural development project in Anjoan Island.
  3. Support program for fishermen in Hunzuan Island
  4. Support programs for Animal breeding projects.
  1. Distribution of goats to low-income families for purposes of income generation and reinforcement of food security.
  2. Training of small-scale farmers, intensifying agricultural production and technology transfer to raise productivity of small-scale producers and improve animal breeding.
  3. Distribution of fishery equipment through revolving loans
  4. Establishment of a veterinary quarantine to stop the spread of diseases and the provision of 3 mobile veterinary clinics to assist in disease control.
3 Yemen 2006 Development Basic Needs program in the fields of health and education Training and capacity building for cadres involved in these fields
4 Palestine 2000 Programs for the Reinforcement of food security and support of low-income groups.
  • Support of low-income families
  • Construction of greenhouses to improve and serve agriculture
  • Training and capacity building
  • Improvement of existing roads and construction of new ones
5 Mauritania 2015 Implementation of 3 projects: vegetable production, Fishery trading and livestock fattening in partnership with the Mauritanian Loan Funding Agency
  • 74 small-producer organisations have benefitted from the projects
6 State of Palestine 2015 Approval of 5 development projects by the Aqsa fund at a cost of 7.4 Million US Dollars.
  • Completion of initial studies and surveys for the projects
7 Republic of Sudan 2015 Well digging to provide safe drinking water for people and livestock in partnership with Suqya. Digging of 8 wells to provide access to clean drinking water in numerous states across Sudan