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Domaine Yousif (Under implementation)

Domaine Yousif (Under implementation)

Location : Morocco

Sector : Agricultural Processing Sector

Sub-Sector : Food Production


Established in 2016.

Objectives and Production:
Aims to establish a company for fruit and vegetables processing and marketing in order to export such products to both the European and Arab Gulf countries and to benefit from non-exportable products to set up a factory for manufacturing fruit concentrates, juices and jams in order to meet export and local markets. Its products include:
• 30,000 tones can be sorted, classified and packed in Phase one and increase to 50 thousand tons at production maturity.
• Processing of 7.5 thousands tones of juice concentrates and 7.4 thousand tons of fruit jams.
• Refrigerated storage: 6 thousands tones of fruit and vegetables.
Capital and Shareholders:

Authorized capital is MAD 105 Million and shareholders are:

Contact Address:

Domaine Yousif
Tel: 00212535436306
Fax: 00212535436304
E-mail: abelkora@agrojus.com
Meknes– Kingdom of Morocco