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Grain and Fodder Crops Production Project – Islamic Republic of Mauritania


Project Objectives

  • Production of grain (Maize, Soybean and Wheat) and fodder crops to meet the requirement of the poultry and livestock production industry in the Arab country to contribute to food security.

Project location

The project is proposed to be located in the basin of Senegal River, 200 km to the South of Nouakchott.

Project Area

45,000 Ha Arable land.

Proposed Shareholders

  • AAAID.
  • Private-sector investors.

Proposed Company Type

Establishment of Limited Liability Company with interested investors shareholders.

Project irrigation

The project will be irrigated from the Senegal River and/or borehole wells.

Current Project Status

Land allocation under process with Mauritanian authorities. AAAID is looking for interested and experienced investors (form the private sectors) to prepare the feasibility studies and to implement the project.