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Horticultural Marketing Platform Project – United Arab Emirates

Project Objectives

Establishment of a platform of collection, storage, grading and marketing of vegetable and fruit products in the UAE.

Project Rationale

  • • Support the small farmers to market their products.
    • Competition of imported products to the local products in the United Arab Emirates.
    • Provide raw materials to the fresh juices industry in Al Rawabi Company.
    • Expansion of the vegetable and fruit marketing network established by AAAID in some other Arab countries.

Project Components

  • • Vegetable and fruit collection and processing unit,
    • Vegetable and fruit storage unit,
    • Marketing Unit,
    • Juices concentrate production unit.

Project Current Status

• Consultancy firms have been contacted to send them offers to prepare the feasibility studies.
• AAAID is looking for interested and experienced investors (from the private sectors) to contribute in the project.