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AAAID’s Agricultural Project Selection Criteria:

AAAID’s Strategy has defined the following approved criteria for project selection that will help in preliminary project screening according to these criteria.Below are the considered criteria for Project Selection:

  1. The project should be aligned with AAAID’s vision and objectives in the production of basic food products that contribute to the reinforcing of arab food security as well as grains, refined sugar, meat, dairy, vegetable oils.
  2. The project must be integrated between agricultural production and agricultural processing in one member state or between member states. the project may utilize unused agriculture resources or primary/intermediary products produced in the arab countries.
  3. Projects under study should apply technology whenever possible.
  4. Commitment from promoters to invest in the project with a strong financial background and significant experience in promoting similar projects.
  5. Availability of a full feasibility study of the project.
  6. The Project’s feasibility study should include an appropriate exit strategy.
  7. The Total Investment Cost should not be less than USD 20 Million.
  8. AAAID participates in the equity capital of the project within a range of 25% to 49% of the equity of the project.
  9. The project’s internal rate of return (IRR) should not be less than 12.5% (considering country and project’s risks).
  10. Equity should be between 40-60% from total investment cost.