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Investment Criteria

  • The Project should be aligned with AAAID’s vision and objectives in the production of basic food products that contribute to the reinforcing of Arab Food Security.
  • The Project must be integrated between Agricultural Production and Agricultural Processing in one member state or between member states.
  • Projects under study should apply technology whenever possible.
  • Commitment from promoters to invest in the project with a strong financial background and significant experience in promoting similar projects.
  • Availability of a full feasibility study of the project clearly showing profitability indicators.
  • The Total Investment Cost should be not less than USD 20 Million.
  • AAAID may participate in the equity capital of the project within a range of 25% to 49% of the Equity of the Project and shall not exceed 50% of the project’s investment cost.
  • The Project’s Internal Rate of Return (IRR) should not be less than 12.5%.
  • The Debt-Equity Ratio should be 50:50.
  • The Project’s Feasibility Study should include an appropriate exit strategy.
  • The Project risk should be as low as possible.
  •  It is preferable that the share of the promoting agency should not be less than 25% of investment cost.

Size of Investment Cost :

  • The Investment cost of any project should be a minimum of $5 Million and should not exceed a maximum of $350 Million.