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Our Strategy

AAAID Strategic Guidelines (2014-2018)

  • Reconsidering the geographical distribution of AAAID investments in order to benefit from the agricultural resources in all Arab countries.
  • Restructuring the companies in which AAAID has shareholdings, to promote their efficiency in providing food and to enhance their revenues.
  • Addressing existing loans, which is paid by AAAID to its affiliated companies.
  • Investing part of the capital in the existing companies that have a high growth rate, by focusing on the value added activities in strategic food commodities.
  • Giving the priority to private sector investments to benefit from acquired experience in the agricultural field.
  • Set an investment policy to encourage private sector companies and enable them to benefit from the vast natural resources of the Arab world.
  • Set and develop investment criteria for selection of AAAID’s agricultural projects.
  • Improving developmental programs and applied research to increase the production levels of the small and medium farmers in the Arab world.
  • Enhance Information technology reliance as a fundamental pillar for the development, and as an engine for business solutions, and then the vision and decision support to senior management.