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President’s Message

Welcome to the AAAID website.

AAAID was established in 1976 with the primary vision to reinforce food security in the Arab world by providing sustainable, affordable and nutritious agricultural and food products. We are still diligently committed to that vision today and pursue it through agricultural investment whilst capitalising on the development of agricultural and human resources. AAAID is a unique organisation and we take pride in that; it is the only independent Pan-Arab multi-lateral financial institution with the membership of most Arab states that specialises in agricultural investment. Our investment model is the only of its kind with highest diversity of animal and plant processing projects. These projects are being implemented by 44 independent agricultural companies to achieve integrated economic development.

Food security in the Arab world faces great challenges with a food deficit of about 32.8 billion USD due to increasing population, lack of infrastructure, price increases and heavy reliance on imports. These factors along with increasing demand for animal proteins and limited water rsources make the issue of food security particularly challenging. However, our long history in the field of agricultural investment has allowed us to acquire adequate capabilities and experience necessary to address the region’s food gap. We have acquired in-depth knowledge through research studies and applied field experiments in animal and plant production as well as agricultural services. This knowledge has been applied in the implementation of agricultural projects across 12 Arab countries and has upgraded the lives of many communities through agricultural and investment projects.

Our approach to agricultural development is sustainable and inclusive, ensuring that women, low-income groups and small-scale farmers have access to finance through revolving loans and income generating activities. We ensure that our activities are always in the best interests of the communities we operate in and that we create value through positive economic, social and environmental impacts. We have established a Trust Fund to finance these target groups and equip them with the necessary skills through structured training and capacity building programs.

AAAID strives to create a leading investment and technological model and disseminate it among the relevant bodies to upgrade the agricultural production in the region. The introduction of advanced climate-friendly technologies such as zero tillage technology in the rain fed sector has succeeded in increasing crop productivity by an astounding 300% in selected member states.

To further enhance our role in reinforcing Arab food security, AAAID’s Board of Directors has endorsed a 5-year strategy to boost the impact of our investments and promote strategic partnerships with the private sector. We envisage an Arab world where peace and prosperity prevails and food security is achieved for all stakeholders. We call upon all partners in the private, public, civil society sectors, regional and international organisations to join us on our journey towards sustainable development.


H.E Mr. Mohammed Bin Obaid Al-Mazrooei

President and Chairman of AAAID