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Red Meat Production Project – People's Democratic Republic of Algeria

Project Objectives

Production of high quality red meat of international standards to contribute to reduce the red meat gap in Algeria.

Project Rationale

  • Availability of  huge number of livestock (2 million cattle, 27.8 million small ruminants).
  • Obsolescence of existing slaughterhouse in Algeria 80% were established in 70’s.
  • Continuous increase of meat consumption level (9.7 Kg in 2007 to 12.4 Kg in 2015) despite the increase in prices.
  • Needs for rehabilitation and modernization of red meat production and processing chain in Algeria.

Project Components

  • Fattening Unit.
  • Slaughtering unit.
  • Quality control and Lab Unit.

Investment Cost

  • The Expected investment cost is USD 40 Million.

Project Current Status

AAAID is looking for interested and experienced investors (form the private sectors) to prepare the feasibility studies and to implement the project.