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Veterinary Vaccine and Serum Production Project –Sultanate of Oman

Project Objectives

  • Production of veterinary vaccines for the most common endemic animals diseases in the MENA region.
  • Reduce dependency on imported veterinary vaccines required.
  • Ensure availability of  vaccines at reasonable costs;
  • Ensure Supply of effective vaccines through production of vaccines from locally isolated pathogenic strains.

Project Rationale

  • High demand for bacterial and viral vaccines for common veterinary diseases in the Arab region.
  • Limited access vaccines and serum production facilities in the region that meet the needs for growing poultry and livestock production.

Project Location

The project will be established in Sultanate of Oman.

Project Products

  • Production of inactivated and live attenuated vaccines.

Project Components

  • Specific Pathogen Free Eggs production unit.
  • Inactivated vaccines production line/facilities.
  • Live attenuated vaccine production line/facilities.
  • Animals experiment Lab. Unit.
  • Quality Control, Research and Development Unit.
  • Service and administrative facilities units.

Project Shareholders

  • Arab Authority for Agricultural Investment and Development (AAAID).
  • Omani Food Investment Holding Company (OFIC).
  • Technology Transfer and knowledge Providers/Partner.
  • Others.

Project Current Status

  • • Feasibility study has been prepared. AAAID Board of director approved the contribution in the project with $ 6.273 million.
    • It has been agreed with Omani Food Investment Holding Company (OFIC) to implement the project in two phases:
    - Phase 1 : Filling of Vaccines.
    - Phase 2:  Production and filling of Vaccines.