Development Activity

We want to help small farmers to start and develop their farms and to allow technology transfer to help them grow“, Mr. Mohamed Bin Obaid Al-Mazrooei, President of AAAID

AAAID invests in the development of the communities in which it operates in its quest for food security and the advancement of the agricultural sector in the Arab world. AAAID’s unique methodology includes the planning and execution of developmental programs and activities that maximize agricultural productivity levels. This is achieved through the provision of funds for income-generating activities to small-scale producers in the form of revolving loans and as well as production services and development activities in targeted communities.

AAAID has executed a large number of development programs in collaboration with various public, private and civil society partners. These programs have been designed to drive socio-economic development amongst vulnerable groups including women, children and pensioners in the areas of education, health care and access to clean water.

Objectives of AAAID’s Developmental Activity:

  • Planning and implementation of agricultural development programs to initiate agricultural, social and environmental development amongst small-scale farmers in target geographical areas.
  • Provision of funding in the form of revolving loans to low-income segments with focus on women, small-scale producers and pensioners as a means to maximize productivity levels.
  • Adaptation of agricultural technologies used to serve the purposes of AAAID’s development programs.
  • Transfer of imported or internally developed technologies to small-scale farmers and the private sector in general.