The Arab Authority for Agricultural Investment and Development (AAAID) Contributes
to the Capital of 56 Major Agricultural Companies Across 12 Arab Countries

The AAAID contributes to the capital of 56 company and project, 36 of which are existing companies, and 20 projects are under establishment and implementation. Through these projects, distributed across 12 of its member states, the AAAID aims to optimize investment returns for shareholders, diversify its sources of income and support agricultural development in Arab countries. It focuses on the production of crops and basic agricultural goods with a view to contribute to enhancing food security in the Arab world. Furthermore, the AAAID has established development programs to support small farmers and develop the local communities in which it operates. In its efforts to improve performance and productivity, AAAID is committed to implementing innovative ideas, AAAID provides professional consultancy services and feasibility studies for such projects, which further serve to strengthen agricultural investment opportunities in the Arab world. Its affiliated companies provide more than 110,000 employment opportunities. Established in 1976, the AAAID is composed of 21 Arab member states which contribute to its capital. As a professional institution, the AAAID exercises the highest levels of applying the principles of governance and transparency, as well as adopting the best management practices.

AAAID’s Investments

In 2021, the total assets of the AAAID amounted to USD 1.4 billion. The total value of the AAAID’s investments in both its existing and under-establishment companies is approximately USD 662 million, while its paid-up capital is estimated at USD 731 million. The AAAID implements the highest standards of production and applies international best practices in its agricultural investments. It has ambitious strategic indicators and plans in place aimed at optimizing the returns on such investments.


USD 722 million


USD 661 million

Sectorial Distribution of AAAID Investments

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Agricultural Manufacturing

includes the production of sugar, oils and other commodities

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Animal Production

includes poultry, red meat, dairy products and fish

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Crop Production

includes grains, fodder, vegetables and fruits

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Services Sector

includes the provision of various agriculture services

Geographical Distribution of AAAID Contributions
to the Capital of its Affiliate Companies

AAAID's affiliate companies are distributed in 12 Arab member states, according to the investment opportunities and comparative advantages that were available in those countries. The AAAID's investment in Sudan is 64.47% of the AAAID’s investments, followed by Egypt at 6.61%, and Sultanate of Oman at 5.78%, the UAE at 5.31%, Iraq at 4.07%, KSA at 3.06% with the remaining member states accounting for 10.7%, depending on the availability of investment opportunities in each.

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Promising Investment Opportunities in the Agricultural Sector

The AAAID provides promising investment opportunities in the field of agriculture to government and private sectors, investment funds and banking institutions through partnerships in the Authority’s under-establishment and Implementation companies, or through investments in existing companies, in which the AAAID is a shareholder, with the aim of expanding its activities and diversifying production.

Investment opportunities

Revolving Loan Program Provides Financing for Small-Scale Farmers and Producers

The AAAID provides sustainable revolving loans to farmers, animal breeders, fishermen and those working in the agro-processing industries, especially in rural areas. Through its financing programs, the AAAID provides coverage for their various requirements. Services of the Revolving Loan Program include the provision of production income, technical support to farmers as well as full funding for agricultural operations. Furthermore, the Authority partners with a number of commercial banks to support development programs targeting farmers and to increase the existing base of beneficiaries.

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Share of Contributions of AAAID Member States as at the End of 2022

21 Arab countries contribute to the capital of the AAAID, of which authorized capital was
USD 1.1 billon and paid-up capital approximately USD 722 million at the end of 2022.

Production Capacity of Basic Commodities by AAAID Affiliate Companies


1 million tons


630,000 tons


228,000 tons

Vegetable oil

44,000 tons


269,000 tons

Table eggs

127 million


231 million liters