A Journey Rich in Achievements in
Supporting Arab Food Security
and Developing the Region’s
Agricultural Sector

AAAID Achievements

Providing Basic Food Commodities and Supporting Food Security

The AAAID’s affiliate companies provide basic food commodities in the Arab countries, such as grains, oils, sugar, dairy and meat. The Arab Sudanese Seeds Company, for example, produces 60% of improved seeds in the Sudan, while AAAID affiliate sugar companies contribute about 50% of all sugar production in Sudan and a further 8% of Egypt’s sugar production. Furthermore, AAAID affiliate companies provide more than 33% of dairy and juices in the UAE, 28% of poultry in Oman, more than 33% of fresh poultry in the UAE, around 9% of poultry in the KSA, and 5% of poultry and 13% of oils in Sudan.

Promoting Intra-Arab Trade

The AAAID contributes to the Arab Trade Financing Program, which aims to develop intra-Arab trade. The program ensures cooperation and coordination with local and regional financial and guarantee institutions to provide the insurance cover needed for commercial exchanges between Arab countries. Furthermore, the AAAID contributes to the Arab Investment & Export Credit Guarantee Corporation (Dhaman), which enhances and supports Arab exports and promotes the flow of foreign and Arab direct investment into Arab countries. The AAAID has also established numerous projects that aim to assist in closing the red meat food gap that exists in certain Arab countries, such as Sudan, Oman and Mauritania.

Supporting and Enhancing the Competitive and Productive Capacities of Farmers

The AAAID’s companies support farmers by providing production supplies, technical supervision and expertise, and by engaging farmers to complete production chains. In Egypt, for example, the Faiyum Sugar Works Company entered into contracts with about 72,000 farmers for the production of 1.3 million tons of sugar beet, while, in KSA, the Arabian Cooperative Company contracted about 36 poultry breeders for the provision of more than 30 million birds. In Sudan, the Arab Sudanese Seeds Company is engaged in contracts with about 92 farmers and 5 private companies working in the seed production business to provide 6.6 thousand tons of assorted seeds. Also, in Sudan, the Elmuzdana Zero Tillage Agricultural Company provides land preparation, planting, fertilizer application and harvesting services to small-scale farmers with over 81,000 feddan.