Contributions to Greenfield and Expansion Projects
The Arab Authority contributes to the capital of projects in the plant and
animal production and agricultural processing sectors

Contributions to Greenfield and Expansion Projects

Contributions to Greenfield and Expansion Projects: The Arab Authority for Agricultural Investment and Development assesses promising investment opportunities in the agricultural sector and identifies those that meet its criteria for shareholding in projects. One of this the criteria is the provision of a detailed feasibility study. Through this activity, AAAID aims to invest in the capital of companies that support its strategy and vision. Investors can submit applications for this service electronically through the AAAID website.

Service Card

Service Code AAAID-SR-007
Service Name Contributions to Greenfield and Expansion Projects
Service Description The Arab Authority contributes to the capital of projects in the plant and animal production and food processing sectors. Contributions may be to new projects or the expansion of existing projects, provided that the investment opportunity meets the Arab Authority’s criteria for project funding. (PDF Guide).
Targeted Categories Investors from the private and public sectors
Terms & Requirements
(Required Documents)
1. The investment opportunity must meet the Authority’s shareholding criteria (PDF Guide).
2. Detailed feasibility study
3. Audited financial statements for existing projects for the previous five years
4. Legal documents (title deeds or land allocation deeds, title or lease deeds for buildings, licenses etc.)
Delivery Channels
1. Online applications should be submitted through the AAAID website
2. Applications should be submitted to the AAAID headquarters in Khartoum or at the regional office in Dubai
Delivery Timing
1. Approval for the Authority’s contributions to projects usually takes 3 to 6 months, depending on the availability of studies and other documents necessary for decision-making
2. The duration of the Authority’s contribution to a project is defined in accordance with the exit policy, as agreed with the investors in the shareholders’ agreement
Delivery Procedures
1. Submit an application from the investor to the Arab Authority, along with relevant technical and financial feasibility studies
2. Authority experts will evaluate the feasibility studies and provide observations
3. Specialized experts will undertake a field visit to the project
4. Necessary documents and studies must be completed for an investment decision
5. Approval of the Arab Authority’s Board of Directors to contribute to the project
6. Establishment of the new or expansion project (preparation of the shareholders’ agreement and the company's articles of association)
7. Formation of the project constituent committee and supervision of its meetings
8. Follow-up of the establishment/registration of the company with the competent authorities
9. Follow-up with the project promoter to complete the shareholdings
10. Follow-up of the provision of necessary funding according to the stages of project execution
11. Review of contracts for the consultants assigned to follow-up the execution of the project
12. Review of defined specifications for the execution of the project, in accordance with the feasibility study and within the specified cost and time limits
13. Follow-up of the company's performance
Service Outputs Shareholding in the capital of the company/project
Service Fees Distribution of dividends to shareholders as per their shareholding rates
Contact Details Phone: (+971) 441 61555
Fax: (+971) 425 66656 | (+971) 425 66657
Email: sdservices@aaaid.org | info@aaaid.org

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