This page provides you with up-to-date press reports and the latest news and developments associated with agricultural investment and manufacturing, locally, regionally and globally. You will also find the agreements and memoranda of understanding signed by the Arab Authority for Agricultural Investment and Development (AAAID) with relevant institutions in the industry, in addition to news about AAAID field visits, international visits as well as regional and international meetings.

The AAAID works on strengthening its ties of cooperation with member states, government institutions, international organizations, diplomatic authorities, as well as Arab and global research centers and organizations. Through ongoing communications and meetings with officials in relevant institutions, AAAID supports their investment and development activities and works with them on the development of new projects, programs and initiatives that serve agricultural development. The AAAID also conducts numerous field and international visits to support the agricultural sector and to elevate the Authority’s levels of production, financial and marketing performance.

Oman provides attractive investment opportunities and pioneering projects for AAAID

19 Jun 2022 Read More

AAAID studies promising investment opportunities in Algeria

07 Jun 2022 Read More

Field visits paid by AAAID’s delegation to investment projects in the New Valley Governorate

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AAAID Studies Promising Investment Opportunities in the Arab Republic of Egypt

18 Nov 2021 Read More

AAAID praises and strongly supports the UAE’s initiative for agricultural innovation in climate

25 Apr 2021 Read More

His Excellency the President of AAAID visits the Minister of Foreign Affairs in Sudan

27 Nov 2019 Read More