AAAID Contributes to the Capital of 52 Agricultural Companies with
Various Production Activities Across 12 Arab Countries

The AAAID contributes to the capital of 52 agricultural companies across 12 Arab countries. Activities of these AAAID companies cover agriculture and livestock production, including the production of red meat, poultry and fish, agro-processing, dairy and oil production, the manufacture of drugs and advanced irrigation equipment, along with other activities closely related to the agricultural sector.

According to the financial report of 2023, the AAAID’s total value of investments in its existing, and projects are under establishment and implementation is approximately USD 666.3 million. It represents about 92.5% of the paid-up capital of 720.1 million US dollars.

Profits of AAAID Companies

In 2023 the AAAID’s dividends from its companies amounted to approximately USD 6.51 million from total earnings of approximately USD 26.66 million. Many of these profitable companies chose to re-invest a portion of their profits to finance rehabilitation or expansion programs, as well as to enhance their operating capital. And note that dividends do not include capital gains resulting from increasing the market value of companies.

  • Total

Production Capacity of Basic Commodities by AAAID Affiliate Companies


1 million tons


662,000 tons


227,000 tons

Vegetable oil

44,000 tons


281,000 tons

Table eggs

127 million


231 million liters

Vegetables and Fruits

10,000 tons