About Us

The Arab Authority for Agricultural Investment and Development (AAAID) is a Arab financial authority established in 1976. The AAAID contributes to the capital of 56 company and project across 12 Arab countries, which enjoy many benefits and concessions in accordance with the constitutive agreements between the Authority and its 21 member states. Total assets of the AAAID amounted to approximately USD 1.3 billion as at the end of 2022.

We launch major agricultural investment projects to optimize investment returns and support agricultural development in Arab countries.

The AAAID has extensive experience in the field of agricultural investment and processing. To achieve high profits for shareholders, the AAAID ensures that companies are established according to professional investment criteria. AAAID investments fall within four main sectors, namely: agricultural processing, livestock production, plant production and agricultural services. Furthermore, the AAAID supports sustainable agricultural development plans in Arab countries with the aim of reducing the food gap and improving people’s lives in the communities in which it operates. The AAAID’s affiliate companies support small-scale farmers through agricultural technology transfer, funding programs, numerous developmental activities, as well as the dissemination of scientific research results for the development of communities.

Our Vision

The AAAID strives to be a leader in the reinforcement of food security in the Arab world

Our Mission

Providing basic food for Arab countries by investing in and developing agricultural resources

Our Institutional Values

AAAID’s Goals

Enhance the Arab World food security by providing food commodities

Maximizing the return on AAAID’s agriculture investments

Leveraging the Authority's own resources to diversify and increase revenues

Promoting concepts of innovation and governance in the work environment

Provide the best support services (administrative and technical)