Supervision of Project Implementation
This service enables the preparation of executive studies for the project, employment of labor,
supervision of project implementation and final delivery, ready for operation

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This service provides investors from private and public sector companies with the opportunity to execute agricultural projects, starting from geometric design, through to the trial operation of projects and ending with delivery of the project, ready for operation.

Service Card

Service Code AAAID-SR-004
Service Name Project Implementation
Service Description Preparation of the executive studies of the project, selection of suppliers and contractors, employment of supervisors to oversee the execution of the project, and supervision of execution progress up until completion, operation testing and final project delivery to investors, ready for operation.
Targeted Categories Investors/companies from the private and public sectors
Terms & Requirements
(Required Documents)
1. Company activities background
2. Initial feasibility studies upon which the existing project was executed
3. Contribution payments for project implementation
Delivery Channels
1. Online applications should be submitted through the AAAID website
2. Applications should be submitted to the AAAID headquarters in Khartoum or at the regional office in Dubai
Delivery Timing
As per the executive plan in the feasibility study and the technical proposal prepared for such a purpose
Delivery Procedures
1. Preparation of terms of reference
2. Preparation of technical and financial proposals
3. Meeting with the applicant
4. Contracting with the applicant
5. Preparation of engineering and technical designs
6. Preparation of tender documents (contracting conditions, general and special specifications, tables of quantities)
7. Invitations to contractors to submit offers for execution
8. Evaluation and selection of contractors
9. Contract preparation with contractors
10. Supervision of project implementation
11. Testing of the project operation
12. Project delivery
Service Outputs 1. Engineering designs
2. Operation testing
3. Delivery of final, turnkey project to the investor
Service Fees As per the financial proposal
Contact Details Phone: (+971) 441 61555
Fax: (+971) 425 66656 | (+971) 425 66657
Email: sdservices@aaaid.org | info@aaaid.org

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