AAAID's Strategic Roadmap

Benefit from the Authority's capabilities to establish agricultural projects - Mega Projects

Strengthen Arab cooperation in the agricultural and food sectors and activate integration between countries to bridge the food gap

Promote knowledge and technical cooperation with international and regional agricultural institutions and organizations

Develop strategic partnerships with joint Arab institutions

Seek a global credit rating for the Authority

Repackage financing through short-term and long-term investments, provided they can deliver sufficient returns

Implement the Authority’s investment policy for participating companies

Create a supportive and stimulating environment for innovation

Strategic planning and development activity

The Authority’s Agricultural Investment Strategy 2020-2024 was developed to contribute towards the achievement of its strategic goals and to increase its return on investments. Accordingly, the following were carried out:


Initial implementation of the Agricultural Investment Strategy


Evaluation of projects under implementation according to the new approved standards


Study of the possibility of liquidating suspended companies


Development of the exit mechanism from companies


Implementation of transformation plans for suspended companies

Corporate governance frameworks to implement and manage the strategic plan include the establishment of the following teams:

Strategy Management Office (SMO)

The Strategy Management Office is entrusted with critically observing the implementation of the strategic plan and ensuring that the Authority invests in the programs and projects included therein, in addition to the governance of agricultural investment procedures.

Project Management Office (PMO)

The Project Management Office supervises the progress of projects under establishment, and monitors the performance of existing companies as well as those suspended from operation, in addition to issuing the necessary reports.

Exit Taskforce

The Exit Taskforce is responsible for reviewing the distressed companies recommended for exit and for implementing final recommendations.