AAAID's Strategic Roadmap

Our strategic directives serve to achieve the authority’s vision of contributing to achieving food security in the member states and stimulating plant and animal production and processing

We rely on strategic plans to ensure the achievement of the objectives and desired results for what returns the benefit of our communities, our partners, and our stakeholders

Take advantage of the authority's potential and capabilities to establish integrated pioneering agricultural projects.

Maximizing the return from affiliated companies.

Enhancing trade exchange between Arab countries by establishing projects in the field of transport and other logistical services for agricultural and food commodities.

Development of strategic partnerships with the private sector and Arab and international financial institutions.

Mobilizing global and regional additional financial resources and investing them in projects of suitable return.

Obtaining a global credit rating for the Authority.

Enhancing knowledge and technological cooperation with international and regional agricultural institutions and organizations.

Stimulating the environment for innovation and entrepreneurship in the field of agricultural investment.

Strategic planning and development activity

The authority applies the latest strategic management approach in terms of continuous development of the principle and methodology of governance in effective planning, performance measurement by development administrative and technological tools to ensure proper and sustainable implementation. For that we:


Develop and update the strategic plan 2021-2025, departmental operational plans and performance measurement indicators in accordance with latest best practices.


Periodic review and performance measurement of the Authority's agricultural investment plan in terms of:

Strategy Management Office (SMO)

• Evaluate the proposed investments and ensure their alignment with the approved investment criteria.

Project Management Office (PMO)

• Follow-up plans for projects under implementation (both timely and financially), and ensure their compatibility with feasibility studies.

Exit Taskforce

• Review the status of existing companies and make appropriate recommendations to remedy their situation.

• Review the investment portfolio to ensure the diversification of its geographical and sectoral distribution to reduce risks and maximize returns.