Technical Consultancy Services
This service provides an analysis of a project’s status and provides consultation to
improve the project’s performance and achieve profitability

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This service assists investors from private and public sector companies by analyzing the current status of projects, providing possible solutions of performance improvement and assessing the technical costs. Applications for this service can be submitted electronically through the AAAID website.

Service card

Service CodeAAAID-SR-005
Service NameTechnical Consultancy Services
Service DescriptionAnalyze the project's status and advise investors regarding the possibility of operational improvements and the achievement of profitable returns.
Targeted CategoriesInvestors/companies from the private and public sectors
Terms & Requirements
(Required Documents)
1. Company activities background
2. Definition of the request for technical advice, with justifications and objectives
Delivery Channels
1. Online applications should be submitted through the AAAID website
2. Applications should be submitted to the AAAID headquarters in Khartoum or at the regional office in Dubai
Delivery Timing
Dependent on the type of consultation and as defined in the technical consultation offer
Delivery Procedures
1. Preparation of terms of reference
2. Preparation of technical and financial proposals
3. Meeting with the applicant
4. Contracting with the applicant
5. Execution of consultation
6. Submission of consultation
Service Outputs1. Current status analysis
2. Proposal of technical solutions to improve project profitability
3. Assessment of technical cost of proposed technical solutions
Service FeesAs per the financial proposal
Contact Details Phone: (+249) 187 096100
Fax: (+249) 183 772600 | (+249) 183 794350
Email: |

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