We look forward to an Arab world in which peace and prosperity prevail, and food security is achieved for all.

We call upon all partners in the private and public sectors, civil society, regional and international organizations to join us on our journey.

"We look forward to achieving food security through sustainable
agricultural development in the Arab countries"

The Arab Authority for Agricultural Investment and Development (AAAID) is an independent financial institution contributing to food security through investments in agricultural projects across the Arab countries. It is the only pan-Arab financial institution specializing in agricultural investment. The AAAID’s investment model is characterized by sectoral and geographic diversity; it enjoys diverse livestock and plant production projects, agro-processing, as well as agriculture services. These projects are being implemented by 54 companies across 12 member states.

Globally, food security faces persistent and ever-increasing challenges. In the Arab world in particular, factors such as the growing population, limited resources and infrastructure, and a heavy reliance on food imports put significant pressure on food security, with a food gap of approximately USD 33.6 billion.

However, our long history in agricultural investment has enabled us to acquire the experience necessary to address this regional food gap. We have acquired in-depth knowledge through research and applied studies in plant and livestock production, as well as practical farming experience. This knowledge has been applied in the implementation of major agricultural projects across many Arab countries and has improved living standards in local communities.

We adopt a sustainable agricultural development approach in our work and pay close attention to low-income groups, particularly women and small-scale farmers and producers. It is for the benefit of these groups that the AAAID has established the Revolving Loan Fund, which provides them with access to finance for their income generating activities. We always aim to support the communities in which our companies operate, promote socio-economic development, protect the environment and organize training and capacity building programs.

The AAAID strives to create and disseminate advanced investment and technological models in the areas in which it operates to increase agricultural production. The introduction of advanced environment-friendly technologies, such as zero tillage and the precision farming system, in the rainfed sector has succeeded in increasing crop productivity by an astounding 300% in the relevant member states. The AAAID has endeavored to adopt and disseminate smart agro-technologies to ensure sustainable agriculture in member states.

At the AAAID, we look forward to a prosperous Arab world in which food security is achieved for all people. We call upon all partners in the private and public sectors, civil society, as well as regional and international organizations to join us on our journey towards sustainable development.

Mohammed bin Obaid Al Mazrooei

President of the AAAID
Chairman of the Board of Directors