In order to achieve Arab food security

We look forward to the joining of the public and private sectors and regional and international organizations to AAAID’s journey.

"We look forward to achieving food security through sustainable
agricultural development in the Arab countries"

Contributing to achieving Arab food security, providing business opportunities, continuous striving, and adopting successful companies is our mission to enhance innovation and governance concepts in the work environment, in addition to providing the best supportive administrative and technical services efficiently and effectively for projects.

Sustainable agricultural development and enhancing food security are among the most important strategic targets due to the increasing population, climate changes, and limited natural resources, which represent challenges that must be dealt with urgently and effectively. This requires developing the agricultural sector, increasing productivity, providing necessary resources for farmers, enhancing agricultural diversity, improving agricultural water management, developing modern technologies in agriculture, promoting scientific research and innovation in the field of agriculture, and enhancing regional and international cooperation to exchange knowledge and experiences.

The Arab Authority for Agricultural Investment and Development has accumulated and strong expertise in the field of investment and agricultural manufacturing. Therefore, it seeks to contribute to projects that contribute to achieving food security based on professional investment standards. AAAID’s investments are currently distributed in existing companies and projects under establishment and implementation in four main sectors, which are the agricultural manufacturing sector, the animal production sector, the plant production sector, and the agricultural services sector.

AAAID’s aims to adopt a successful project management approach that is economically viable and characterized by sustainability and social responsibility, where we pay special attention to small farmers and producers associations by implementing many programs such as financing small farmers and producers and rural women and transferring modern agricultural technologies to Arab countries. We work tirelessly to build successful investment and technical models to spread them in the regions where we work in order to raise the level of agricultural production. In conclusion, AAAID looks forward to the public and private sectors and regional and international organizations joining the AAAID’s journey to achieve food security.

Dr. Obaid Saif Hamad Al Zaabi

Chairman of the Board of Directors