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At the Arab Authority for Agricultural Investment and Development (AAAID), we believe in attracting and retaining talented people from all over the Arab world who can contribute to achieving our vision of sustainable Arab food security. In our recruitment of such talented people, the AAAID considers the diversity of human resources and offers equal opportunities to all. Our diversity policy stems from our belief in equal employment opportunities and non-discrimination on the basis of race, gender, cultural background, age, religion or social group. The AAAID understands the importance of highly qualified administrative, technical and specialized staff to achieve our investment and development goals.

The AAAID employs around 200 people and always strives to create a fair, motivated and positive work environment for its employees, which meets all their needs and supports their ambitions. AAAID recruitment selection is based exclusively on each applicant’s academic qualification, relevant experience for the job and willingness and capacity to deliver distinctive results. The AAAID invests in the training of its employees to enhance self development, improve performance and productivity levels and empower them to contribute effectively to its strategic objectives. In the fulfillment of its corporate responsibility, the Authority also offers training opportunities to fresh graduates across its various departments, according to their respective specializations. The aim of this training is to assist graduates in gaining the experience that will support them in their professional careers.

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