Feasibility Studies Assessments
Through this service, AAAID provides customers with reviews
and assessments of the quality of studies and the validity of financial analyses

Learn about the assessments of feasibility studies:

This service provides private and public sector investors with assessments and evaluations of project feasibility studies to include market studies review, financial analysis, and project financial indicators reviews and recommendations.

Service Card

Service Code AAAID-SR-002
Service Name Feasibility Studies Assessments
Service Description Based on the Arab Authority’s accumulated experience in the field of study preparation, studies are reviewed and observations made regarding the extent of its focus and the validity of the financial analysis performed.
Targeted Categories Investors and existing private and public sector companies
Terms & Requirements
(Required Documents)
1. Background about the objectives of the project or the existing company's activity
2. Assessment of the proposed feasibility studies (new project, expansion and rehabilitation)
3. Definition of the assessment objectives
Delivery Channels
1. Online applications should be submitted through the AAAID website
2. Applications should be submitted to the AAAID headquarters in Khartoum or at the regional office in Dubai
Delivery Timing
As per the technical proposal prepared for such a purpose (usually 10 to 20 working days)
Delivery Procedures
1. Preparation of terms of reference
2. Preparation of technical and financial proposals
3. Meeting with the applicant
4. Contracting with the applicant
5. Assessment of studies and reporting
6. Delivery of reports as per the schedule stipulated in the contract
Service Outputs 1. Analysis of the market study
2. Technical study remarks
3. Review of financial analysis and feasibility indicators of the project
4. Recommendations to complete the study and enhance the feasibility of the project
Service Fees As per the financial proposal
Contact Details Phone: (+971) 441 61555
Fax: (+971) 425 66656 | (+971) 425 66657
Email: sdservices@aaaid.org | info@aaaid.org

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