Arab Company for Agricultural Services

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Arab Company for Agricultural Services


The company was established in November 2013 in order to provide integrated agricultural services, including rehabilitation of land, rental of heavy machinery and agricultural equipment, production of various agricultural crops and vegetables, provision of harvesting services, and provision of inputs for agricultural production (fertilizers, pesticides and plants).


Rosso, Islamic Republic of Mauritania.

Contact address
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Designed capacity

Completion of the project’s first phase on an area of about 510 hectares will provide capacity of approximately 9.23 tons per year as follows:

  • – Cultivation of 300 hectares of Rice.
  • – Cultivation of 150 hectares of (mango), starting from the fifth year.
  • – Cultivation of 30 hectares of greenhouses.
  • – Cultivation of 20 hectares of field vegetables.
  • – A 10-hectare research station for the production of potato and rice seeds.
  • – Sorting, grading and packing capacity of 10,000 tons per year.
  • – Refrigerated transport units, with 4 refrigerated trucks with a capacity of 20 tons per unit.
  • – 85 ha of roads and buildings.

Capital and shareholders

Subscribed capital is US$ 8.24 million. The company is 100% owned by AAAID.


Average sales

Approximately MRU 20.3 million (for the last 3 years)

Market share

- Agricultural services 40%
- Agricultural products 39%

Company products

Tomatoes, melons, green beans, fruits (mango), and a variety of potato and rice seeds

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Contribute to the company capital to facilitate expansion


Participate or contribute to the agricultural project in that includes a range of agricultural crops, which will be allocated to a large part for export.