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Capacity Building

AAAID believes in the importance of supporting training and capacity building through modern technological programs for the development of the agricultural sector in the Arab world. The purpose behind AAAID’s efforts towards building a competent technical workforce that is equipped with the required scientific knowledge and technical skills to alleviate agricultural productivity and achieve overall socio-economic development. Capacity building also aims to strengthen parties' ability to work together for their mutual benefit and enhances their ability to define problems, address challenges and formulate solutions.

From that conviction, we place emphasis on the provision of technical training to the target community segments relevant to our operations. AAAID has introduced and adopted an integrated training program targeting the graduates of Farming and Agriculture disciplines from both colleges and institutes. The Program is designed to assist graduates in creating a linkage between their academic studies and empirical agricultural practices through on ground coaching and technical training.

The Training Program is open to graduates across multiple specializations including Agricultural Engineering, Field Harvesting, Preventive Agriculture, Soil sciences and Agricultural Economics with the aim of developing a high calibre agricultural workforce. It has offered graduates from various agricultural specialisations new technological skills applied in AAAID’s affiliated projects and companies in Arab member states. Further, the trainees are provided scientific supervision from agricultural experts and technical supervision from technicians and are provided certifications after successfully completing the training programs.

AAAID’s capacity building efforts serve the organisation’s vision of reinforcing food security in the Arab world while delivering value to local communities through knowledge transfer and enhanced productivity levels.