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Research Activity

Over the course of its long history, AAAID’s research activity has focused on the creation of links between scientific research and technological development. This has been pursued through large-scale field research to serve agricultural investment and the application of pioneering farming techniques in pre-production stages. This is in addition to the establishment of research stations on project sites to meet technical needs and challenges. AAAID’S Research activity also seeks to implement agricultural processes that are best suited to local areas and adapting the appropriate technology in target projects to enhance productivity.

Objectives of AAAID’s Research Activity

  • To provide the technical and technological grounds for AAAID’s investment and development activities.
  • To develop annual plans for applied research projects, as necessary, in order to promote the role of the Authority in achieving food security in the Arab world.
  • To implement applied agricultural research projects in different productive environments, in order to find the best agricultural processes for each local area.
  • To share and localize up-to-date agricultural technologies, in order to meet the objectives of applied research programs.
  • To create new programs that will help introduce new crops, items and technologies.
  • To conduct a field diagnosis of agricultural problems encountered by the Authority's companies and solve such problems using applied scientific methods.
  • To evaluate agricultural plans for new investment projects before implementation in order to ensure successful application.
  • To keep up to date with new scientific, technical and technological developments and employ them to develop Arab agriculture.
  • To organize and participate in scientific forums (workshops, symposiums, conferences etc.) and specialized exhibitions as necessary, in order to serve the programs and interests of the AAAID.
  • To enhance cooperation with comparable Arab and international agriculture research centers, in order to meet the objectives of the Authority.
  • To contribute to the issuing of publications in the field of applied sciences, in order to promote agricultural investment and development.