Investment Opportunities

Investment Opportunities with AAAID:

Agricultural investment constitutes AAAID’s core business and pertains to investing in new projects as well as reinvesting in AAAID’s existing companies and projects. Applying a hands-on approach to managing its investments, AAAID monitors and evaluates all of its investment projects and companies ensuring that they are provided with the relevant technical, administrative and financial support. When they are required. In totality, AAAID contributes in 50 projects distributed across 12 of its member states, 39 of which are already established and 11 are under implementation and establishment. AAAID’s total contribution to the capital shares of the companies as at 31/12/2018 is approx. USD 607 million, (approx. KD 184.2 million).

Classification of AAAID Investments

Within the framework of its strategic guidelines adopted to enhance its investment in affiliated companies, AAAID has classified potential investment opportunities into:

  • Investment opportunities related to the full utilization of available production capacities in affiliated companies by supporting the Working Capital.
  • Investment Opportunities related to the addition of new production lines for diversification or increasing the company’s production.
  • Investment opportunities related to complete rehabilitation to restart or develop the operations of stagnant companies.
  • Investment opportunities related to contributing to existing companies for expansion purposes.

This section contains a description of all the investment opportunities available to private, institutional and government investors who wish to forge partnerships in AAAID’S existing affiliated companies or new investments that AAAID is venturing into. Investments in affiliated companies are pertinent to the expansion, development, rehabilitation or re-operation of current AAAID affiliated companies. On the other hand, new investment opportunities are relevant to the establishment of new projects or companies that AAAID has studied for feasibility and for which it is seeking financial contributions.

For more details about AAAID’s investment opportunities or the findings of the feasibility studies for any of our projects please contact us at info@aaaid.org