Research Activity

The research activity of the AAAID carried out a variety of tasks based on; linking scientific research with technological development, applying the concept of extended field to serve agricultural investment, applying the concept of the pilot farm before the commercial production stage.
as well as build up research stations in the project site to meet the technical needs of the project in the areas of addressing the technical obstacles through reaching the best agricultural processes that suit each region and adapting the technologies needed for use in the targeted project for the purpose of modernization and development.

The objectives of the research activity:

  • Provide technical support for the investment and development activities of the AAAID. 
  • Preparing annual applied research plans that needed to carry out the role of AAAID in achieving Arab food security.
  • Carry out research in different production environments in order to reach the best agricultural processes suitable for each region.
  • Transfer and adaptation of modern agricultural technologies to serve the purposes of applied research programs.
  • Develop new research programs to help introduce new crops, varieties and technologies.
  • Field diagnosis of the agricultural problems that may face the AAAID’s companies, and address them in scientific methods.
  • Evaluating the agricultural plans in the investment projects that have been developed before starting to implement them to ensure the success of the application.
  • Keeping abreast of scientific, technical and modern developments and employing them to develop Arab agriculture.
  • Participation in scientific meetings (workshops, seminars, conferences, etc.) and specialized exhibitions to serve the activities and programs of the applied research body.
  • Enhancing cooperation with Arab and international agricultural research centers to serve the objectives of the Commission.
  • Contributing to the applied scientific dissemination of the service of investment and agricultural development.