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Agricultural  Investment

The Arab world is characterized by a large agricultural potential with agricultural lands reaching an area of 1345.28 million Hectares. Despite this large area, only 5.38% of this land is actually utilized. The agricultural labour force is estimated at 29.76 million people and agriculture represents 6.24% of the Gross Domestic Product. The food gap by the end of 2017 was estimated around USD 33.58 Billion of which cereal represents 54.5% followed by meat 19.4%, Vegetable oils at 9.3%, dairy products at 10.1% , sugar at 7.9%. These figures are indicative of the vitality of the agricultural sector and the large socio-economic benefits that can be derived from investing in food security as a mean of attaining sustainable development.

The Arab Member states have exerted considerable efforts in developing the agricultural sector by encouraging investment, granting benefits and concessions, supporting infrastructure and creating an overall attractive investment climate. Reinforcing food security to address this food gap through agricultural investment is AAAID’s primary activity and it relies on studies and the establishment of new projects to mobilise the Arab agricultural sector. This mobilisation is further supported by steering financial resources towards maximising productivity and encouragement of agricultural exchange between Arab member states. To achieve this, AAAID has established a number of agricultural projects operating in agricultural production and services, animal production and agricultural processing in order to enhance food security in the Arab world.