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Arab Qatari Agricultural Production Company

Arab Qatari Agricultural Production Company

Location : Qatar

Sector : Agricultural Production Sector

Sub-Sector : Crop and Vegetables Production


Established in 1989 in al-Shahaniya area, 35 Km South of Doha in an area of 68 hectares, its production activity commenced in 1992.

Objectives and Production:

The company aims to produce vegetables in shaded and Green houses for off-season production where Cucumber is the main product together with shade plants and trade in agricultural inputs, which include fertilizers, pesticides, seeds and installation of agricultural equipment. In addition, the company provides maintenance services of greenhouses and landscaping of parks and roads.

Capital and Shareholders:

Authorized and fully paid capital is 47 million Qatari Riyal (13 Million USD) and the shareholders are:

Contact Address:

Arab Qatari Agricultural Production Company
P.O. Box: 9843 Doha
Tel: 0097444691885
Fax: 0097444691896
E-mail: aqapco@qatar.net.qa  - qtfa@qatar.net.qa 
Doha, State of Qatar