Arab Company for Agricultural Production and Processing

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Arab Company for Agricultural Production and Processing


The company was established in 1987 as a result of mergers of units (dairy, agricultural, poultry, starch and glucose production). Later, the units of poultry and agricultural production were separated from those of starch and glucose production and became independent companies. The company’s objective is to contribute to the local needs for pasteurized and sterilized milk and yogurt.


Gezira state - Republic of Sudan

Contact address
  • Icon (+249) 912 665230
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  • Icon sedan@aaaid.org | info@aaaid.org
  • Icon P.O. Box1883, Khartoum
Designed capacity

  • – Agricultural land area of ​​2,000 feddan for the cultivation of green fodder
  • – Cooling unit for milk and refrigerated transportation
  • – Stores for concentrated feed (900 tons)
  • – Tanks for keeping molasses (150 tons)
  • – Dry feed stores with a capacity of 500 tons
  • – Dairy factory: design capacity of 80 tons/day, with all its accessories

Capital and shareholders

Authorized and paid-up capital is SDG 62,000 at that time. Its shareholders are:

  • – AAAID: 42.5%
  • – Government of Sudan: 20%
  • – Government of KSA: 12.5%
  • – Government of Kuwait: 12.5%
  • – Government of Iraq: 12.5%

  • Government of Sudan

  • Government of KSA

  • Government of Kuwait

  • Government of Iraq

Average sales


Market share


Company products

The products carry the brand name Dairy Land:
- Pasteurized and sterilized milk
- Yoghurt

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Contribute to the provision of funding for the rehabilitation, modernization and operation of the dairy plant and the introduction of modern packing and packaging systems.