Arab Fisheries Company


The company was established in 1979 and production started in 1984. It comprises the Khairat Al-Behar Arabian Holding Company and other projects in the Arab Republic of Egypt (Barseeg and Abbasa farms, and Wadi Al Natroun hatchery). The company aims to produce, process, freeze, preserve and market fish and other marine life in Arab countries.


Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Contact address
  • Icon (+966) 260 81881
  • Icon (+966) 260 20150
  • Icon a.adnan@seabounties.com.sa
  • Icon P.O. Box17604, Jeddah, 21494
Designed capacity

  • – Annual production capacity of Khairat Al-Behar factory is 2,236 tons of fish and 420 tons of shrimps
  • – Storage, cooling and freezing activities for customers, 366 tons per year
  • – Barseeg and Abbasa farms, 15 million fry
  • – Wadi Al Natroun hatchery, 4 million seeds

Capital and shareholders

Subscribed capital is SAR65.4 million (approximately US$ 17.44 million) and shareholders are:

  • – AAAID: 48.72%
  • – KSA: 35.70%
  • –  Other Arab countries: 15.58%

  • KSA

  • Other Arab countries

Average sales

Company annual average over the last 3 years is SAR1.5 million

Market share

Under rehabilitation

Company products

Fish, shrimp, mollusks

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Participate in or contribute to the existing activity to exploit the full production capacity of the Khairat Al-Behar Arabian Holding Company, Jeddah, and benefit from the privileges enjoyed by the company in all Arab countries, including agreements for investments in fish farming, fishing and processing sector in Arab countries.


Contribute to the new projects expected in Yemen, Mauritania and Egypt.