Arab Poultry Production and Processing Company

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Arab Poultry Production and Processing Company


The company was established and started production in 2004 with the aim of contributing to local demand with the potential to export poultry meat, table eggs, fodder and day-old chicks.


35 km south of Khartoum, Taiba Al Hasanab - Republic of Sudan

Contact address
  • Icon (+249) 155 152023 | (+249) 912 366781
  • Icon (+249) 155 151142
  • Icon acappsudan@gmail.com
Designed capacity

  • – 12 maternal farms accommodating of 50 thousand chicks that produce approximately 4.5 million hatching eggs per year
  • – Poultry farm contains 30 sheds with a housing capacity of 5.6 million chicks, producing about 5,000 tons of poultry meat per year
  • – Layer sections of the farm with a production capacity of 15 million table eggs per year
  • – Hatchery with 13 incubators and 6 hatches, with a capacity of 8.1 million chicks per year
  • – Slaughterhouse containing a freezing room and refrigerated storage store with a capacity of 4,000 birds per hour
  • – Milling factory, with a production capacity of 18 tons per hour, containing 6 warehouses with a storage capacity of 30 tons per warehouse

Capital and shareholders

Paid-up capital is SDG399.8 million and shareholders are:

  • – AAAID: 78.80%
  • – Republic of Sudan Government: 7.40%
  • – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Government: 4.60%
  • – Government of Kuwait: 4.60%
  • – Republic of Iraq Government: 4.60%

  • Republic of Sudan Government

  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Government

  • Government of Kuwait

  • Republic of Iraq Government

Average sales

Company’s sales average about SDG 5,232 Million.

Market share

Approximately 5% of the total poultry production in Sudan

Company products

- Poultry meat: with the commercial brand of Arab Poultry
   a. Whole first-class chicks packed in plastic bags weighing between 1 - 1.5 kg.
   b. Portion products are packed in plates with an average weight of one kilo for each product.
- Table eggs: Plain eggs and packed eggs
- Dates varieties: Burhy, Khadrawe, Khinziry (1 kg and 2 kg packages)
- Fish: Average weight 350-500 grams per piece, with the potential to produce other weights according to market demand

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Contribute to financing the expansion of company activities to increase production capacity through modernization of the breeding system, the establishment of maternal and poultry farms, increase in the hatchery and slaughterhouse capacity, and diversification of the company’s products


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