Arab Qatari Agricultural Production Company

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Arab Qatari Agricultural Production Company


The company was established in 1989, with production commencing in 1992. The objectives of the company include the production of vegetables in shaded houses adapted for off-season production, shade plants, trade in agricultural supplies (fertilizers, pesticides, seeds and agricultural equipment), in addition to maintenance services for greenhouses and landscaping of parks and roads.


State of Qatar -
Al-Shahaniya area, 35 km south of Doha, covering an area of 68 hectares

Contact address
  • Icon (+974) 446 91885
  • Icon (+974) 446 91896
  • Icon  |
  • Icon P.O. Box 9843
Designed capacity

  • – 27.5 hectares of greenhouses
  • – 3.5 hectares of plastic houses
  • – 37 hectares of open fields

Capital and shareholders

Authorized and fully paid-up capital is QAR47 million (US$13 million) and the shareholders are:

  • – AAAID: 50%
  • – Hassad Food: 50%
Average sales

The company’s average sales for the last 3 years are QAR22,459,038.

Market share

Market share is approximately 6% of the total local production.

Company products

- Cucumbers and some vegetables
- Providing agricultural services

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