Arab Sudanese Vegetable Oil Company (ASVOC)

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Arab Sudanese Vegetable Oil Company (ASVOC)


The company was established in 1982 and production commenced in 1983, with the aim to contribute to the achievement of food security through vegetable oils in Sudan and the Arab world. Furthermore, it aims to develop and modernize the oil and soap industry in Sudan by exploiting the country’s agricultural potential, particularly in the field of oilseed production, and to make use of the financial and technical capabilities available at the Arab Authority for Agricultural Investment and Development to develop and improve quantity and quality in the production of vegetable oils using modern and advanced technology.


Khartoum State, Khartoum North (Bahri) Industrial Area, Square (2) and (3) East Industries - Republic of Sudan

Contact address
  • Icon (+249) 185 335162 | (+249) 185 339422
  • Icon (+249) 185 331644 | (+249) 185 330506
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  • Icon P.O. Box 64, Khartoum North
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Designed capacity

Represented as follows:

  • – Oil seeds crushing 75,000 tons/year
  • – Refinery: 18,000 tons/year
  • – Packaging: 18,000 tons/year
  • – Soap: 15,000 tons of soap/year

Capital and shareholders

Authorized and fully paid-up capital is SDG 340 million. Shareholders are:

  • – AAAID: 88%
  • – Government of Sudan: 12%
Average sales

The company average sales for last three years amount to SDG 400.6 million.

Market share

The company market share is estimated at 9%.

Company products

- Alwalima - Refined peanut oil
- Aldukkan - Peanut and sunflower oil with peanut flavor
- Yara - Refined sunflower oil
- Al-Fahad - Refined cotton seed oil
- Al Aela - Refined olein oil
- Peanut-sunflower-cottonseed - Cake (fodder)
- Abu Qata - Laundry soap
- Lord - Toilet soap
- Pure glycerin

Learn about the investment opportunities in: Arab Sudanese Vegetable Oil Company (ASVOC)


Provide operational capital for full utilization of the project’s capacities


Introduce solvent extraction techniques


Achieve integration through the establishment of an agricultural project or contract farming for the supply of raw materials


Purchase part of AAAID’s share in the company’s capital