Arabian Cooperative Company

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Arabian Cooperative Company


The company was established in 2009, while production started in 2013. Its objectives consist of the establishment of integrated projects for the poultry sector (including the production and processing of feed, production and processing of poultry meat, parent stock farms for the production of day-old chicks, wholesale and retail trade in veterinary and production supplies).


Khamis Mushait, Aseer - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Contact address
  • Icon (+966) 126 100031
  • Icon (+966) 126 100071
Designed capacity

  • – Slaughterhouse: 60,000 birds/year
  • – Hatchery: 42 million hatching eggs/year (18 nurseries and 9 hatcheries)
  • – Waste treatment unit: 45 tons/day

Capital and shareholders

Capital is SAR200 million and shareholders are:

  • – AAAID: 20%
  • – Cooperative Association of Poultry Producers – Aseer: 80%

  • Cooperative Association of Poultry Producers - Aseer

Average sales

Company’s average sales for the last 3 years are approximately SAR 636 million (US$ 169.6 million).

Market share

About 5% of poultry production in KSA

Company products

Fresh, frozen and portion poultry meat carrying the brand name Osool

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Contribute towards the financing of projects through loans or equity to complete components (such as the implementation of the hatchery's second phase to increase the capacity to 80 million eggs per year, as well as maternal farms to produce chicks and establish a fodder factory).