Elmuzdana Zero Tillage Agricultural Co. Ltd.

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Elmuzdana Zero Tillage Agricultural Co. Ltd.


The company was established in 2010 and started operations in the agricultural season 2010/2011. It aims to provide services related to zero tillage farming in the rainfed and irrigated agricultural sectors in Sudan to all farmers, individuals, companies or other entities.


Republic of Sudan

Contact address
  • Icon (+249) 123 719057 | (+249) 912 146552
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  • Icon alieldaw54@yahoo.com
Designed capacity

  • – 64 tractors
  • – 56 planters
  • – 4 harvesters
  • – 24 sprinklers
  • – 12 vehicles
  • – 35 assorted machines

Capital and shareholders

Authorized capital of the company is US$ 10.25 million and its shareholders are:

  • – AAAID: 12.46%
  • – Sudanese Agricultural Bank: 46.13%
  • – Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry: 34.71%
  • – Central Trading Company (CTC): 6.70%

  • Sudanese Agricultural Bank

  • Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

  • Central Trading Company (CTC)

Average Company Revenue

The company’s average revenue for the last 3 years is SDG 33.2 million.

Market share

It is the only specialized company working in this field in Sudan.

Company products

Provision of all agricultural services (plowing, planting, spraying, harvesting, land leveling)

Learn about the investment opportunities in:Elmuzdana Zero Tillage Agricultural Co. Ltd.


Entering into investment partnerships or establishing partnerships with major irrigated projects and sugar production projects to expand the company's activity.


Allocating spaces for the company in rain agricultural areas in the Blue Nile for the cultivation of cash crops (cotton - sunflower and corn).


Providing requirements and inputs for the application of no-tillage farming technology to expand the company's activity to include trading in fertilizers and pesticides.


Concluding long-term contracts with the Gezira project to carry out land preparation operations for wheat cultivation by introducing the technology of anklets, trotting and laser leveling and wheat harvesting.


The demand for the company's services, due to the presence of a large market of small farmers, whose production represents 85% of the total agricultural production from land areas representing 75% of the total cultivated lands in Sudan.


The large and growing demand for the company's services in the agricultural sectors (irrigated and rainy).