Emirates Rawabi Company

Emirates Rawabi Company


The company was established in Dubai in 2001 following the merger of Al Rawabi Dairy Company and Emirates Modern Poultry Company (currently known as Emirates National Food), with the subsequent establishment of Greenfields. The company aims to develop and produce high quality food and dairy products, thus contributing to the achievement of Arab food security, particularly in the UAE. The company consists of the following subsidiaries:

Al Rawabi Dairy Company: The Company is engaged in the production of dairy products and juices with a very good reputation in the local market and the rest of the GCC markets.

Emirates National Food Company: The Company produces a premium quality chicken and processed poultry products, and strives to apply the highest international quality and safety standards to achieve expansion in the GCC markets.

Greenfields for Feed Industries: The Company uses advanced technology in the production of fodder.


United Arab Emirates

Contact address
  • Icon Emirates Rawabi
    (+971) 434 39555
    Al Rawabi Dairy Company
    (+971) 428 92123
    Emirates National Food Company
    (+971) 483 26565
    Greenfields for Feed Industries
    (+971) 483 26033

  • Icon Emirates Rawabi
    (+971) 434 33616
    Emirates National Food Company
    (+971) 483 26774
    Greenfields for Feed Industries
    (+971) 483 26044

  • Icon info@emiratesrawabi.ae | empco@alrawdahpoultry.com
  • Icon P.O. Box
    Al Rawabi Dairy Company: 50368
    Emirates National Food Company: 4316
    Greenfields for Feed Industries: 5499
Designed capacity

  • – Al Rawabi Dairy Company: Dairy products, 450 tons per day; Juices 150 tons per day
  • – Emirates National Food Company: Poultry meat, 40 tons per day
  • – Greenfields for Feed Industries: Animal feed, 45 tons per hour

Capital and shareholders

Paid-up capital is AED217 million, and shareholders are:

  • – AAAID: 27.56%
  • – Gulf Investment Corporation: 22.54%
  • – Dubai Government: 14.59%
  • – Others: 35.31%

  • Gulf Investment Corporation

  • Dubai Government

  • Others

Average sales

- Al Rawabi Dairy Company: Average sales for the last 3 years amounted to AED 680 million.
- Emirates National Food Company: Average sales for the last 3 years amounted to AED 162 million
- Greenfields for Feed Industries: Average sales for the last 3 years amounted to AED 48 million

Market share

- Al Rawabi Dairy Company: approximately 33% of the total local production
- Emirates National Food Company: approximately 25% of the total local production

Company products

1. Al Rawabi Dairy Company:
a. Milk:
- Fresh milk (full cream, low fat, double cream and skimmed milk)
- Flavored milk (strawberry, chocolate, mango, lychee and other flavors)
b. Yoghurt:
- Plain yoghurt (full cream and low fat)
- Flavored yoghurt (strawberry, blackberry, pineapple and other flavors)
c. Laban:
- Full and low fat laban
- Al Rawabi Up
2. Emirates National Food Company:
a. Fresh chicken:
- Fresh whole chicken
- Chicken pieces: drumsticks, whole legs, boneless and skinless chicken, breasts, thighs, wings, liver, gizzard, bones, other products
b. Chilled processed chicken products: Chicken franks, chicken burgers, mortadella, smoked whole chicken, other products
c. Frozen processed products: Chicken burgers, chicken nuggets, chicken popcorn, chicken meat balls, other products
3. Greenfields for Feed Industries:
Animal feed: The company offers a variety of animal feed products marketed under the Greenfields brand