Middle East For Vaccines (MEVAC)

Middle East For Vaccines (MEVAC)


Middle East for Vaccines - MEVAC was established in January 2008 and started its commercial activity in 2011 with the aim of contributing to meeting the needs of the Arab countries for some important and most widely used vaccines, such as foot and mouth disease vaccines in livestock, bird flu, Newcastle in poultry and some other vaccines. MEFAC is the only active private sector company in this field in the Arab Republic of Egypt.


114 Ammar Ebn Yasser street, Al Nozha Al Gadida, Cairo, Arab Republic of Egypt

Contact address
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Designed capacity

Production of some important and most widely used vaccines, such as foot-and-mouth disease in cattle, bird flu, Newcastle disease in poultry, and some other vaccines:

  • – Poultry vaccines 50 million doses/year
  • – Cattle Vaccines (FMD-FMD) 3.6 million doses/year

Capital and shareholders

The authorized and subscribed capital is EGP 163 million, and shareholders are:

  • – kemin Industries: 50.19%
  • – AAAID: 4.23%
  • – Private sector:45.58%
  • kemin Industries


  • Private sector

Average sales

The annual average sales for the last three years is EGP 529 million.

Market share


Company products

- Poultry vaccines: 14 vaccines
- Ruminant vaccines: two vaccines
- Equine vaccinations: two vaccines
- Rabbit vaccines: two vaccines
- Aqua vaccines: two vaccines