White Nile Sugar Company (WNSC)

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White Nile Sugar Company (WNSC)


Established in 2003, the company aims to establish and operate an integrated agricultural industrial complex for the production of refined sugar and various by-products, as well as the generation of electric power.


Eastern bank of the White Nile River, 150 km south of Khartoum - Republic of the Sudan

Contact address
  • Icon (+249) 183 220650
  • Icon (+249) 183 223650
  • Icon Rabee.elhaj@wnsc.sd
  • Icon P.O. Box11218, Khartoum
Designed capacity

  • – Refined sugar: 450,000 ton per year
  • – Molasses: 180,000 MT
  • – Electricity:  104 MW per hour
  • – Ethanol: 45 million liters per year
  • – Animal feed: 100,000 tons per year
  • – Cash crops: 40,000 tons per year

Capital and shareholders

The total subscribed capital is US$607 million, and shareholders are:

  • – AAAID: 14.38%
  • – Kenana Sugar Company: 31.08%
  • – Government of the Republic of the Sudan: 9.14%
  • – Other institutions and corporations: 45.40%

  • Kenana Sugar Company

  • Government of the Republic of the Sudan

  • Other institutions and corporations

Average sales

The company average annual sales amount to SDG 7.5 billion.

Market share

The company market share is estimated at 35% of the local production.

Company products

- White sugar: Granulated white sugar, under the Ballour brand name, in 50 kg bags
- Animal feed
- Ethanol
- Electricity

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Provision of equity finance to reach maximum production capacity through the implementation of the capacity utilization plan.


Provision of medium- and short-term loans to finance machinery, spare parts and raw materials.