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Emirates Rawabi Company

Emirates Rawabi Company


Location : United Arab Emirates

Sector : Animal Production Sector

Sub-Sector : Dairy Production


The company was established in Dubai following the merger of Rawabi dairy Company and Emirates Modern Poultry Company in 2001, and at a later stage, Greenfields Company has been established. 

Objectives and Production:

Developing and producing high quality food and dairy products, thus contributing to achieve Arab food security, particularly in the United Arab Emirates, The Company consists of the following subsidiaries:

1. Al Rawabi Dairy Company:

  • The company is engaged in the production of dairy products and juices with dairy products capacity of 360 tons / day and juices of 120 tons / day.
  • Products of the company enjoy good reputation in the local market and the rest of the GCC markets.

2. Emirates Modern Poultry Company:

  • The company produces a premium quality chicken, processed poultry products, and strive to apply highest international quality and safety standards to achieve expansion in the GCC markets.
  • The company production capacity of poultry meat products is 40 tons / day.

3. Greenfields for Feed Industries:

  • The company uses advanced technology in fodders production.
  • The production capacity of the company is 25 tons / hour of poultry fodder and 20 tons / hour of other animal fodders.


Capital and Shareholders:

Authorized capital is UAE Dirham 400 Million and paid up capital is UAE Dirham 217 Million, and shareholders are:

Contact Address:

Emirates Rawabi 
Tel:  +971-4-3439555 
Fax: +971-4-3433616
Email: info@emiratesrawabi.ae
Dubai-United Arab Emirates

Al Rawabi Dairy Company:
Phone: +971-4-2892123
P. O. Box: 50368
Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Emirates Modern Poultry Company:
Tel:  +971-4-8326565
Fax: +971-4-8326774
P.O. Box: 4316
Dubai-United Arab Emirates
Email: empco@alrawdahpoultry.com

Greenfields For feed Industries:
Tel:  +971-4-8326033
Fax: +971-4-8326044
P.O. Box: 5499
Dubai - United Arab Emirates