AAAID participates with an advocacy in the official G20 Summit Briefing Book Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2020

Date: 21 Nov, 2020


The Arab Authority for Agricultural Investment and Development (AAAID) is keen to introduce its efforts, position and regional achievements that support the efforts towards reaching food security in Arab countries.

In this context, AAAID participated in the official G20 Summit Briefing Book, whereby, this year, the summit is hosted by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the first time. The summit, which was held on 21 – 22 November 2020, was led by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, with the participation of heads and leaders of the member countries of the G20 nations.

AAAID’s participation comes through the publishing of an advocacy in the official G20 Summit Briefing Book, which presented the vision of the Arab Authority to reinforce food security. The article states AAAID is working to provide basic food needs through agricultural investment in Arab countries, with 21 contributing Arab Member States, an equity capital amounting to USD 1.1 billion and a total asset value of USD 1.3 billion.  AAAID currently has 53 Affiliate Companies, whose activities are concentrated in the agricultural manufacturing sector with 50%, 23% in the livestock production sector, 23% in the plant production sector and 4% in the agricultural services sector. AAAID’s investments are distributed throughout different Arab countries, where, Sudan hosts 66% of AAAID’s total investments, followed by Egypt 6.2%, UAE 5.6%, Iraq 4.4%, KSA 4%, Oman 3.4% and 10.4% in the remaining Member States as per the investment opportunities and the comparative advantages available to the region.

The article further states that, following its mission to provide basic food needs through agricultural investment and development in Arab countries, AAAID’s affiliate companies work in production of grains, meat, dairy, oils and sugar. Accordingly, AAAID created and implemented numerous sustainable models that assist in increasing production and crop productivity, promote socio-economic development, protect the environment and grow a skilled workforce through organizing training and capacity building programs. One of the most recent programs implemented is focused on Innovation and Future Foresight, with the aim of achieving a qualitative and innovative shift for the Arab Authority in its fields of work and its internal and external activities.

AAAID also implements programs supporting women farmers and small scale farmers and producers, through revolving loan programs, in rural areas of Sudan, Mauritania, Tunisia, Comoros, Egypt, among others, to grow corn, sesame, millet, peanut and other staple food crops. AAAID has been able to successfully alleviate the productivity and output of thousands of farmers with the number of beneficiaries reaching over 10,725 families, representing 58,557 families. As well as a threefold increase in cultivated areas and productivity as a result of AAAID’s support to farmers in the application of modern agricultural technologies.

With the spread of the COVID-19 virus and recent global unrest, AAAID is relentlessly working on creating a pioneering investment and technical model in agriculture.

AAAID also has 10 applied research stations that accelerate innovation with modern and advanced technologies, and disseminate the applicable results through its affiliate companies. The research stations also offer gradual and accelerated innovation processes.