Basic commodities food deficit values USD 42 billion in the Arab countries

Date: 08 Oct, 2023

Location: Kingdom of Morocco

H.E. Mr. Mohammed bin Obaid Al Mazrooei, President of AAAID, highlighted that the average value of the food deficit in basic commodities such as grains, sugar, dairy, vegetable oils, meat and legumes in Arab countries is estimated at about USD 42 billion, and is considered amongst the major challenges to the Arab countries. It is expected in the future that the size of the food deficit in the Arab countries will continue to worsen as a result of population growth and rising prices, as well as the negative impacts on the growth of agricultural production, for instance climate change, drought, desertification, epidemics and diseases, in addition to the lack of investments directed to the agricultural sector, weak infrastructure in some countries, and the lack of Arab agricultural integration according to comparative advantage.

This came as part of his participation in the activities of the Arab Food Security Conference 2023, which was held under the title “The Agri-food Industries and Their Role in Achieving Food Security” during 02-03 October, 2023 in the Kingdom of Morocco. Furthermore, H.E. AAAID’s President delivered a presentation during the second panel discussion of the conference titled “AAAID’s initiative to cover the deficit of basic food commodities in the Arab countries” so as to shed the light on AAAID, including its vision and objectives, the sectoral distribution of its contributions and investments, its strategy, and role in contributing to supporting the segment of small-scale farmers and producers, in addition to its development programs in the Arab countries.

Lastly, H.E. AAAID’s President introduced AAAID’s initiative and its implementation mechanisms, and in turn received the appreciation and praise of the speakers in regards to the initiative which is considered as practical and realistic with a road map to enhance Arab food security.

It should be pointed out that AAAID contributes to a number of agricultural projects in the Kingdom of Morocco, including Domaine Youssef (fruit production), in addition to Orbis Berries (red fruit production) and Orbis Green Olive (olive production).

On the other hand, AAAID is in the process of reviewing its participation in other projects for the production of seedlings, olive oil, and others.

It is worth noting that AAAID had exited two other projects that are Samada Agricultural Production Company and Manafid Al Houboub Company.