35,500 head of Cattle…. A Promising Investments Opportunities in Sudan AAAID

Date: 02 Aug, 2015

An enlightening meeting held on Sunday morning 2 Aug, 2015 in AAAID headquarter in Khartoum , in the presence of His excellency Eng. Kamal Awad –Minister of Agriculture in the state of North Kordofan, Mr. Omer Gafar –Manager of Rural Development Foundation, Mr. Abbas Munir – Consultant for Etigahat Company, Mr. Osama Alfadil – Corporate Finance Director (United Capital Bank), Mr. Mohamed Al Daw – Director of Export & Investment Unit (United Capital Bank) Mr. Mohamed Al Musbah – Director of Corporate Relations Unit (Bank of Khartoum, Mr.Abd Al Hakam Omer-General Manager of Errada Company(Bank of Khartoum) and a number of AAAID agricultural experts.
The Department of Studies and Development in AAAID presented a future study of the production and processing of red meat in Sudan, They also explained AAAID efforts in developing livestock sector in Sudan since 1981.
In the year 2010 AAAID organized studies, , workshops in livestock sector, then moved on to the investment consult phase, which lead to the process of planning a feasibility study coordinated with The Islamic Bank for Development.

In the mean while and because of the importance of the project, AAAID developed the study, appointed more experts, and added more components to the project to meet the increasing demand from the internal and external markets for such sector.
The demand in 2012 estimated at 35.500 million head of cattle. But still there is a shortage of meat packing industry that handles the slaughtering, processing, packaging, and distribution of livestock.
The investment cost for such project is USD 119 million, and AAAID participation is 30% of the total investment. The project will provide advanced slaughterhouse, meat plant, and laboratory in addition to special logistic units for cattle fattening and transportation.
On his part, Mr. Abbas Munir –Consultant for Etigahat Al motaadeda Company (meat exports) presented his company plan of exporting 75 000 livestock to Egypt this year, he promised to participate in the investment of Calves breeding process , aiming to help Sudan become again the leader in livestock field.
Mr. Abd Al Hakam has also presented the first production for Mubadron Group in developing and preparing red meat for exportation.
At the end of the meeting H.E the Minister promised to provide all facilities to make this dream come true .However, his Ministry already started implementing plans that aims to use the rich resources in his state and to benefit from the comparative advantage of his state. Therefore, the state completed 100 km of Bara – Omdurman Road out of 300 km to go as part of the state infrastructures plans.
He added that the work continue to establish veterinary stations in Bagaan area in the east side of the state as well as rehabilitation for livestock existing roads in addition to slaughterhouse and local market in Obied town and other one in the west of Omdurman.
The meeting recommended forming technical committees to follow up the implementation of the project, considering the investment in and with developmental aspects as a sustainable economic development associated with this promising investment opportunity.